“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…..lacking clothes and you clothed me.” – Matthew 25:35

The ministry of Outreach at St. Matthew’s provides an opportunity to share with others your experience in Christ in a way that is meaningful and personal to you. We encourage you to prayerfully reflect on how Christ has touched your life and how you might share with others in need.

In our existing Outreach activities, we share our human resources as well as our financial ones. Doing this enables deep interpersonal connections. These connections pave the way to an invitation for both the giver and the receiver to learn more about Christ’s love for us and His command to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Some of the existing ways St. Matthew’s has fulfilled Christ’s call are through our support of the following:

♥ Throughout the year we collect and deliver food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries to the Salvation Army, Home Sweet Home Mission and Neville House.

♥ Many of our members work with Faith in Action, which provides support to seniors over 60 years and their caregivers through an interfaith network of volunteers.

♥ Several members work together to provide a Thanksgiving bounty to people in need in our parish.

♥ We sponsor a school-supplies drive in August and a mitten tree at Christmas time for The Children’s Foundation.

♥ Quarterly our parish volunteers at Midwest Food Bank to package and label food for disbursement throughout the region.

♥ We recently served dinner to the residents of the Salvation Army. We are looking to make this a monthly activity.

♥ In the last two years, we have supported two youth mission trips to New Orleans and Russia.

Perhaps one of these opportunities is of interest to you. Or perhaps God has put a different calling on your heart… In any event, we invite you to join us for the next Outreach Committee meeting. All are welcome! Meetings are listed on the calendar.

With thanks ~ The Outreach Committee